Video #1

“A Teacher’s Guide
to Self-Kindness”

Video #2

“Cultivating a Sanctuary
for the Sacred”

Video #3

“Remembering the Gold: Uncovering Your Inner Buddha”

Video #4

“Carrying the Lamp
of Awakening”

Video #5

“Serving as a
Conscious Leader”

Video 1: “A Teacher’s Guide to Self-Kindness”

There’s a growing need for qualified mindfulness instructors …
Are you being called to teach?

Continue Your Journey
with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach
in The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program

Premier Admission Applications Due June 1, 2020

please share your comments below:

  • Hi Thanks for the great initiative Tara & Jack. Its the need of the hour. However much i want to join this course I cannot do so due to financial constraints. How can you help ?

  • I would love to do this., but the financial responsibility is a bit much for me as I am planning to retire in Aug., I will be attending the retreat in CO in October.

  • I feel the loving intention of this ! And want to share that on YouTube, satsangs with MOOJI, offers , in MY opinion, what can achieve the same! Especially for those that could not afford this, I hope they could be told about Mooji…..all about self inquiry and so much more. After 40 years on my journey with many teachers, MOOJI offers the way by his POINTINGS!!! As he does not call himself a guru or teacher! he is the real deal!!!!!!! Cathy

    • Yes, Cathy, I completely agree❣️ Mooji IS the real deal, and he has shared hundreds of hours of talks and meditations with us—all for free. He arrives at the core of things, sometimes gently, sometimes very powerfully, always with Love. ❤️ Nan

  • Finding peace within. Learning to live with this life here … now…. no matter what. Lovely. Thank you.

  • After starting 2 local small growing meditation groups at a local church and being In recovery for 40 I still think ” who wants to hear me teach this stuff”. I’m almost 70. I had the idea I would achieve a high-like enlightenment when I began seriously about 8 years ago. As my nervous system changed I found that the most important thing was my practice. I’m sitting home with lots of time to practice now. Plenty of zoom meetings or helping me, but I can’t wait to meet face-to-face with people who want to learn to meditate and be mindful and change their inner selves as well as the world. If there is a scholarship available for this course I would be happy to take it.Thank you.

  • Yes, thank you! The more compassionate we are the more trusting and at ease we peacefully and naturally become. ♥ I’m glad to assured that I must trust: “the process of life,” trust Allah, and trust wisdom…. Peace

  • Thank you! Tara & Jack .l am inspired by the amazing courses and I have already applied for the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program!

  • I am in search of wisdom, it is a long way and through meditation and helping others with love and commitment we can achieve it

  • Hi, Tara & Jack…I really enjoyed your first session …and in order to appreciate its deep sense ..May I ask you the pleasure if we can receive the Transcript ? Thanks a lot in advance and see soon All my best to to you

    • Oops… this morning as I was meditating the word Trust entered my mind. I thought, what a good word, I thin that will be my word for this year from Passover to Passover .the next two words were Freedom and Action. Trust, Freedom and Action 2020 to 2021… and then I opened your invitation to join this meditation training and Tara said that the message fro the Dali lama ‘trust the awakened process in all circumstances.”

      I feel I’m in the right time, with h the right people and how lovely this feels.

      I never thought of myself as a meditation teacher before.

  • Thank you Tara and Jack and Tami of Sounds True for these videos offerings. They give us grounding and hope during this difficult time. With love and gratitude!

  • Interesting to observe how religious teachings like mindfulness and meditation that are often free in the cultures from which they originate are charged for at very high rates by soft talking cult guru personalities in the United States.

    • Well. It’s easy to see how you can feel that way. However, these two people have given their time and expertise over and over for free. They have to make a living. I think they are true and want to help.

  • Me interesa mucho el curso, voy a seguir escuchando para saber si es posible para mi.
    Yo medito hace ya unos años y he experimentado los grandes beneficios.

  • I have intuited a need for self compassion practices during this time of so much uncertainty, in myself, in my relationships and in the world. This is a timely offer.
    Thank you!

  • I would like to become a teacher, but with this economic situation, it wont be possible, Thanks for sharing thi opportunity. Do you have scholarships. Thanks.

  • I watched your video and I am grateful for your message and for sharing your experience. I am a physician and we have a husband and wife with COVID 19 in our hospital it is very difficult as we have no treatment to offer in the entire world for this disease. I am fortunate to have taken time to watch your video. Now I am back to help those in need.

  • You are very gentle and loving in your sharing. Financially I could not afford this.
    I began as a young person with Eastern meditation and then when older finally a
    Christian med. with Fr. Thomas Keating, I am a teacher for that. I
    I do believe in mindfulness practice and practice that daily presence in the moment.
    thank you for doing all you are. In calling others into this wonderful practice.

  • Great inspiration. I have followed your work and Jacks’ on line for a long time while living in Brazil. I am looking forward to participating in your training. Thank you, Tara and Jack. Your videos and audios calmed myself and kept me aware to maintain calm and presence while dealing with my cancer treatment. Now that I am cancer free, I find that being a mindfulness teacher to people dealing with chronic illnesses is my mission in this new time in my life. I am blessed to have been guided by the two of you. Thanks!

  • Interested. I too have had many incidences of vulnerability and have learned from those experiences

  • I don’t know if this is the best time for people to be spending their much-needed money on courses. I know I need mine for myself and my family.

    • I am with you on this, I listened to one ‘free’ session and now feel bombarded: . It is slightly off for these times even though the intention might be good. There is no way I could just part with $6k !?!? I will keep learning from others on insight timer.

  • I have been thinking about this program for a while. It sounds wonderful. I have a friend who is currently taking the course and she loves it! At this time, however, I am not sure if I can commit myself financially .

  • I would love to see the cost of this up front , without having to enroll in registration first🙏🏽
    Is there any way of doing this.

  • I just wish I could afford this programme. This would be a dream come true. Thank you for all the teachings I’ve received over the years. I am truly grateful. 🙏🏽

  • elegant simplicity and a path for brave hearts on the road to Self-acceptance with greater joy. A clear opportunity to serve and to grow.

  • At 83 I am learning to play the cell thanks to a dear friend who ous a cellist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. I have never learned a musical instrument nor can I read music.. yet there is no anxiety about my imperfections or he being I of a high professional standard. It is a wonderful expl oration together. It is a blessing.

  • Something wrong. A beautiful invitation but the sign-up and cost are hidden. My heart rose and engaged, and then was battered.

  • I took a teaching course from Sarah McLean in Sedona Arizona in 2015. I haven’t taught a ton but am available for those who ask. I am unfortunate a meditation evangelist.

  • I spent my childhood trying to be the perfect child to ease my mother’s suffering. I was only when I got to menopause I realised that it did not serve me. I was no longer in control of my emotions my emotions were in control of me! Everything that I’d put a tight lid on just started coming up. That was when I started going inward. And here I am. Enjoying the process of learning to love myself.
    I first started meditation with Jacks meditation for beginners. Both you and Jack exude compassion in you teachings.
    I’ definitely want to do this course. Namaste.

  • Well, i came here with excitement, and now feel taken advantage of. Gave you my email address for 6 monutes total. Shame!

  • Why are these programs so expensive.. Only a specific class of people can afford these valuable but untouchable certificates. Capitalism has pervaded every aspect of our lives , even the spiritual 🤔

    • Yes indeed Shahram, you are right. I may call what is happening on our technological world the “Spiritual Marketing Business”.. I am flooded with invitations to join online spiritual teachings which are expensive. Also I am overwhelmed by the quantity of spiritual mails I receive each day.. I have read books by Tara ; jack K, and many other buddhist teachers and with that accumulated knowledge I deeply feel thatnothing could ever be taught to me that would upgrade my spiritual education. That been said now it is time for me to grow up on spiritual matters only by what my own conscience dictates me . I could possibly attend some of the teachings given by Jack and Tara if they were for free as right now that I am watching this 5 videos introduction to the course.

  • Thank you so much for this. In my town there are two recovery centers. I would love to share with the people working on putting their lives back together the beauty of meditation which I discovered more deeply about four years ago. I plan to do a training such as this, but would like to be able to get my job down to part-time before I embark on such a journey.

  • I greatly admire the teaching talent and skills of Jack and Tara. I’ve read several excellent books by Jack, whom I consider one of my mentors.

    That said, here’s a critical observation: At the steep price of this training, it appears to be available only to the elite strata of society. How can the Dharma be made available to lower and mid-income persons, (which statistically includes many people of color, who tend to be noticably absent at retreats), if “the price of admission” is sky-high?

    In any case, I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for decades and I now teach both. Without question, this two-year teacher training will make the participants better meditation instructors, just as my yoga certification made me a better yogi.
    But I think it is important to realize that you don’t NEED this training to teach meditation. Consider it a luxury; wonderful, if you can afford it.

    To teach meditation, you need your own dedicated meditation practice of a few years, plus books of theory that you have read and digested, plus self-compassion, plus trust. If you’ve got all of that, you’re ready to teach meditation in a manner that will be of benefit—possibly TREMENDOUS benefit—to others.

  • Thank you, Tara. I am looking forward to starting the training in 2021. I wholeheartedly feel that trust is the foundation for peace and compassion and that all can be cultivated simultaneously. Namaste.

  • Thank you for enlightening us as to the importance of self-compassion and to the fact that it will enable us to become our best selves.

  • Hi Jack and Tara:

    How do I get information about the 2-year certification program?

    thank you.


  • Hello!

    So wonderful to see this being made available to all those that wish to become teachers and do their part to widen the scope of the bodhisattva path. Thank you!

    I have a question about the application process: I practice with you online, as I live nomadically and have since my discovery of your work in 2015.
    As such, I don’t have a teacher “a meditation or spiritual teacher who knows you” -that could write me a note of recommendation.
    What could be a course of action for me to take to amend this?

    I would really love to do my part and learn to be a teacher of this work -with how tremendously it has effected my life for the better. I realize now may just not be my time; but I would like to take the next steps to ensure that some day I would be qualified to take this course and become a teacher.

    Thank you for your time.
    And again: thank you for the work you have done and are doing in this new time of change!

    Alexsa P.

  • Thank you for the initial 1st video.
    I’m curious to learn where/how to access the other 4 videos in the 5 video series?

  • Tara,
    Thank you for sharing the first video. It’s nice to hear from you how you got started with teaching.

  • Thank you- this is beautiful. I love the idea of refuge- the way to come into presence and learn to trust and love the unfolding. Thank you both, for your wisdom and willingness to teach.

  • Thanks for this introductory program. I wish that this was available to me years ago. I have been trained in MSBR and use it with my clients. I would like further training in this area because I still work with many clients that can use mindfulness to help them in their everyday life. However, I am semi-retired and funds are limited.

  • Thank you for this generous offering! I just started your beginning meditation class. Day 4 today 💖
    Finding myself in each moment is such a gentle yet transformative experience. 🙏🏼 Kelly

  • I love the teachings and have my own daily practice .. I am not in the income level needed to access the course.. The teachings are for the betterment of this world .. Not sure why the cost is so high. Is this the amt for each person ? Wow

  • I am 83 years old. I have been practicing yoga. For over 25 yrs and “dabbling” with Buddhism, Zen specifically for maybe 5 yrs -in and out. Mindfulness, specifically participating in retreats given by you and Jack, together and separately for over15 years. Never felt confident that i really had anything to offer since i felt that my practices had been so superficial. Now at 83, very active in mind and body, I thought well maybe I have something to offer the elderly. I actually raised this idea with Jack at one his retreats at Garrison a few rears ago. I asked him to do a mindfulness retreat for the elderly. I was living at the Heritage in Reading PA at the time. I have since moved out for a variety of reasons. and living solo in my own apt.
    Anyway is there any benefits to my trying to be a teacher at my age?? Who wants to listen to an old lady who still cant get it together!!!

  • Again, thank you Tara and Jack. The two of you are blessings upon the earth. Tara, you present so well, your wisdom for living life in such a simple and personal way which makes us feel, “she’s right, we can become more present, more aware, awake and alive and we can help others to join in this path of the heart. How wonderful to get this gift and how even more wonderful to share it with others. I can’t imagine what is more important, natural and simple as this.


  • It looks like you can access #2 without payment, but mine is not loading. Is it possible to continue or is this a sort of unannounced paywall? Loved the first one!

  • Thank you Tara!! I’ve been using the practices of yoga, qigong and meditation since 2012 when I developed a rare auto immune disease. I was able to shift into remission until my father was killed by a drunk driver…. It awakened what I like to refer to as the beast in 2018 through December of 2019 each day there was something new that appeared. I’ve studied at Integrative Nutrition in NYC, Integrative Yoga at Kripalu becoming certified in2014 and I continue to utilize the practices to regain my health without the toxic cocktail of medications my doctors have prescribed for me.

  • I appreciate the reflective offering of the question about what draws each of us to desire to teach meditation. Overall, my draw is that desire to give back to others what has been given to me. I have suffered and there were those people who guided, supported and loved me through difficult times. I currently work in a “helper” role and feel this is the where the journey of life wants me to go.

  • Thanks for the reflections. I got into teaching to continue my own practice and to share with others who are interested.

  • Thank you so much for offering this opportunity. I would like to use mindfulness meditation with my counselling clients and hope this will give me more confidence in doing so..

  • I have signed up to your course via Insight Timer I have been active on this site for over three years. I assume the content is identical?

  • Thank you for sharing your own journey. I am a Early childhood teacher and love sitting in a circle of love and stillness with young children

  • Very much from the heart are your words TARA. It is wonderful that your illness was aided by mindfulness meditation. So powerful. Thank you

  • I enjoyed listening to this first video do I wait for the second as I can’t get it to open? Thank you

  • I miss being “at home”.. being a novice on the path of meditation, I only recently got connected to Tara’s work. I admire her, and maybe someday I’ll be capable enough of sharing the wisdom I acquire along the way.. till then I could use all the guidance I get.. to all the wonderful teachers out there – a big thank you!

  • I can’t seem to access the second episode in the free teaching. Can somebody help me do so as when I touch the arrow it does not play. Thank you

  • Thank you both for your dedication and inspiration over and over again. Good luck, blessings and be safe, always.

  • Was interested in the course but with our dismal exchange rate of R17:$1 horrifically expensive for a pensioner! (Price of a small car!): Sorry.

  • Thank you Tara and Jack. Your words always bring me to my heart. You both inspire me to learn how to lead other people to the beauty of their hearts.

  • I have wirked virtually with Tara for many years ,did the Power of Awareness Program with her and Jack and attended her and Jonathans Retreat in Holland. . II have been truly blessed with her teachings.. I am more than ready to do thevteachers training but it is so out of my financial limits, now even more through the closing of my therapy practice die to Corona., that I will unfortunately have to pass on the training.. Mich gratitude for all I have learned ftom you!

    • I echo your beautiful words Lynn. And have also worked virtually with Tara and Jack, read several of their books and done the power of awareness programme, which I return to from time to time. I have not had the joy of a face to face retreat with either of these two insightful gentle teachers but they are my mentors along with Pena Chodron. I would love to do this training and am waiting for the financial opportunity to arrive. For now I will continue with practising and sharing as I am. Blessings and love to all

  • I loved the part at the beginning when you described your mind and body being in the exact same place at the exact same time! How wonderful would it be to be like that all the time! I experienced that once in my early twenties and I am now 71. It was that experience that led eventually to my desire to share it with others through being ordained as a Christian priest in the Church of England. It was while I was working as a parish priest that I discovered mindfulness meditation through a little book called Sadhana: An Eastern Way to God by Anthony de Mello. That led to mindfulness being my main personal practice., but in more recent times it has become so much more enriched and deepened by the teachings of Jon Kabat Zinn, and yourself. I have become a co-facilitator of a weekly half hour lunch time meditation in Sheffield Cathedral which has been going now for about 14 years. I have recently joined Sheffield Insight Meditation which I am finding a great source of support in my practice. I have often thought of becoming a mindfulness teacher and enrolling on your programme, but something holds me back. I think this is probably my age. I think I may be too old to embark on this, and that I may not find enough energy and time to do it. But I can see how much the world needs the spiritual, and psychological wisdom of this way and this practice.

  • always find Tara Brach very inspirational always true very reassuring and compassionate and human

  • Dear Tara and Jack,
    I have listened to you many times..Amazing souls!
    I really love you two. And the work you do.
    This morning I thought , yes I would love to teach mindfulness. I did a lot of soul searching since my spouse has passed..
    He was a wonderful soul like you. I had a wonderful life with him. I really enjoyed my career as an educational counselor..
    Today I think Mindfulness was important to me all my life and I so want others to discover this notion but never thought of teaching it mostly because I was older and retired. Today I wish I had done so.
    All of this to tell you you helped me very much and you are hard to beat. I read you and love your work.
    Lové to know how you started Tara.
    Touching story!

  • I understand the knowing of trust to be present with my heart, to not be anxious. I want to learn more and teach others. Thank you for your work.

  • Stepping into the awareness of self has been a slow peeling of layers of mind until , I have tipped the scale the other way, so now I can see the minds stories as they roll and I can let them go. It’s as if I am stepping out of a version of my self, that no longer is., and slowly I am arriving.

  • It’s wonderful to have this opportunity, thank you both. However, the price of the course is not so wonderful! Very expensive and completely beyond of my financial means… And so it is for many zillion of people in the world (in & outside the USA) who are trying to get such a “real” qualification in the field, .
    An unrealistic price tag that just leave true competent mindfulness teachers and practitioners around the world only dreaming of getting 🙁

    It’s such a shame as we could feel less ‘left-outed’ had we had an opportunity to join in this so enlightening path in life.

    Any help, please? 🙂

  • I am totally shocked at the costs. At this time where the most unequal democracy in the world is facing a huge crisis there will be people who simply cannot afford to eat
    Seriously who on earth is this accessible to

    • Exactly. At our awful exchange rate of R17/$1 it would work out for me, similar to the cost of a small car here! (& I am pensioner, wife is retrenched and we have a disabled child) Tara has been great at providing many good free talks, and make a fair profit by all means, but when “spirituality and money” mix like this I am totally turned off.

  • Thank you! I’m taking the first awareness training. Would I be able to apply that, if later this year I find that I can take the two year course?

  • I enjoy seeing Tara so relaxed and speaking without reading. She has so much to offer and when she isn’t reading her power and knowledge show through.

  • I have seen the first of five, but have not been able to go to the second, 3rd etc. just the first over again. Thanks.

  • Your ad here is as interminable as the monkey mind and your fee is the epitome of late stage capitalism’s commodification of everything including the interior life.

  • Hi there! Thanks for this. I was hoping to find video 2, yet it is video 1 again. Thank you, but I have received it like 4 times. Is there a glitch in the mailing of the videos?

  • Thank you for the encouragement to trust myself as a teacher and not wallow in self doubt. Teachingis a gift.

  • I wish I could afford this teaching! I know the benefits of mindfulness:)) I am a student, mom and have bee laid off:)
    I continue to be inspired by the freebies!!

  • What a beautiful gift, Jack and Kara, and what better time to take advantage of the free gifts but now, during The Corona Virus Stay at Home time. Thanks.

  • Are we only able to see the first video? The next video appears to be only a picture. I thought these were all free. But I am stuck in a loop to reenter my name and email over and over so I am giving up on seeing the other five.

  • Thank you for reaching out.

    These are Gems of wisdom that we can hold on to and use them to help us cross the bridge to trust.

  • Tara, you communicate with such authenticity and kindness. Thank you for this teaching and for sharing yourself so generously. Like others, I would love to do the training but am not financially able to do so. I learn so much, however, through your podcasts and website. Thank you!

  • I love the definition of freedom as being without anxiety about our imperfections. I also appreciate the emphasis on self-kindness. More and more, I am seeing that as the key to growth and healing, for myself and others.

  • Thank you, Tara. I feel your heart and compassion throughout your sharing. I have been teaching Mindfulness for several years now, having learned it initially @ IMS with Jack during the New Year’s retreats he used to facilitate.. As much as I would love to participate in this course with you and Jack. it is beyond my means. Is there any chance that you offer a scholarship?

  • The trance of unworthiness in a time of societal crisis. People feel more unworthy. Presence calls me home too. Thank you both for this offering.

  • This awakens possibility for me. Although I am a real newbie to these practices I feel like I’ve been on this path for a long time. The Trance of Unworthiness has been so stron in my life and these ways are an Path to awakening from the Trance. I am so grateful. Thank you!

  • Thank you for this free preview. I am seriously considering your invitation to take your classes.

  • Thank you. I am a teacher an am feeling overwhelmed with the current COVID-19 changes and expectations placed upon us as educators. Your statement about sharing what we loved made me remember to take a deep breath and center myself in the midst of all this… just be here in the moment.

  • Hello and thank you for the videos and the course. Currently I cannot access the second through fifth intro video. Please help me if you can.

  • Thank you for approaching Self-Kindness with encouragement to find compassion for self. Learning how to be without anxiety about imperfections is a serious step toward responding to self-doubt and the inner nagging always demanding am I doing this right? It’s a good place to start. It opens up to being receptive to guidance.

  • thank you so much for the the course and your teachings. They resonate so much with me. Currently I cannot access the second through fifth intro video.

  • Gratitude to all who make these talks possible and available. I truly appreciate Tara’s open, honest, self revealing, and undefended presentations. It’s beautiful to watch/listen to a talk that is heartfelt and resonates with truth. Thank you.

  • I began meditation years ago with Father Thomas Keating in Snowmass, CO. Centering Prayer was what he taught..

  • Hi Thanks for the great initiative Tara & Jack. As Stan says, it is the need of the hour and i want to join this course too but I cannot do so due to financial constraints. . I do teach already 4 x a week and lit is a great joy

  • Thank you so much. Those mind, body, everything connective moments are like a hearth where we can warm our hands during the in between times. Hi

  • I really want to teach, but I know I need to have a very solid daily practice first to teach formally. Hoping to do this course in the near future, though!

  • Having completed the 8 week course with Sounds True Teachers Saki and Florence,, Mindful Breath Stress Reduction, . I am a student of Sounds True forever. Not great, however, with on line trainings so long term. If a program comes out shortened and partial in person I’d like to know! Thank you always!

  • Yes, it is the only thing as a retired teacher that I want to teach beside a project for children I am working on.

  • Even tough I am not trained as a mindfuless teacher I share my knowledge of mindful self compassion. Eventually I hope to tkae the training.

  • Essential wisdom in so few minutes. You remind me of what is most important and if I am kind to myself, I can share that at the least.

  • Although I can only enjoy your free offerings at this point in my life, your words and energy nourish me always.
    I did forward your email and call for teachers to 30 friends.
    And, as a former/current more quietly, holistic healer, who uses daily mindfulness meditation for my own healing
    I am so nourished by your simplicity, personal sharing, and humor.

  • Sounds True is so generous. They give these free offerings all the time. Even if you can’t afford a particular course, or don’t have the time, you can get a lot out of the free videos. I know I do.

  • I meant to cancel that as I thought I had cancelled in the last correspondence. Please let me know that you have gotten and accept my cancellation I have neither the time or wish to enroll as I am responsible for my mate for a long time. Sorry. Please cancel my enrollment. I will continue reading and study on my own. Sincerely, Hazel Knutson

  • Is this training going to be repeated in a future after this? I don’t think I’ll be able to join this time but Im definitely interested to do this in a future.

  • Hi Tara love to do this
    But with financial hardships and losing my job its not affordable.
    What are the options available?
    But i do understand this is your livelihood .

  • Thankyou this is such a timely message So much is expected from ourselves we would never treat someone else the way we treat ourselves Thanks again Unfortunately finances at this time do not allow me to follow up with the course

  • “Being without anxiety about our imperfections” is a beautiful concept and helpful in breaking the trance. I will hold this close.

  • Thank you for sharing this taste of your retreat. I am extremely interested but it may not be the time.

  • I aspire to an unruffled, calm and gentle style of teaching.
    Thank you Tara Brach for sharing your wisdom.

  • From the first video, yes Tara, it is so important for each of us to recall a time in which we felt most connected to ourselves in body, mind, heart and spirit and look for the inner voice, to guide us towards greater awareness and heart and perhaps the greater joy of then teaching this to others. And Tara, thank you for sharing your vulnerability, your story how during a difficult time in your life, how you rediscovered your inner true refuge. If someone as precious and wise as you has struggled like we have, it inspires us to realize that we too can find greater awareness and compassion for living for ourselves and for others.


  • I would so love to do the course. I teach an introduction to meditation course and have found that there’s a small group of people who would dearly like to meditate, but are blocked by self-hatred. I so want to help and know I have much to learn, but I am retired and don’t charge for whatI teach because I believe everyone should have the opportunity even if they have no money.
    I feel sad that I can’t join.

  • This video link is not working for me at all. I’ve tried it several times with no luck. Jinny in Ireland x

  • This is now the time in my life where I feel the need to share my light! Thank you for sharing your light to the world!

  • The contagiousness is what I have experienced and it brings me so much joy to see people find it in their own way.

  • Thank you for this valuable teaching. Just feeling you is so calming. Thank you for setting this beatuiful example of a spiritual teacher.

  • Love your work and have foound it so helpful in the last few months especially. Thank you. I would love to do the online course over two yeas, but I just financially couldnt meet payments atm. But thanks for sharing these freebes. Much appreciated.

  • I am recently retiring due to COVID-19 ( forced elimination of my work) and now using my meager savings before something…else can happen. I am fearful that a monthly payment of over $300 a month for this course for 2 years could be a very difficult situation for me. I would love to pursue teaching meditation and mindfulness as I live it daily in my life, however the cost would wipe out all my savings. But I so love the idea and feel its calling in my heart.

  • Hello, my name is Sara, Firt of all sorry for my english that is not very good… I’m from Spain. I’m very happy to meet you both and can watch your contents in your page but I canot see the three lastest videos in that place… Thanks for your attention and generosity.

  • This teaching resonate so strongly with me. I was recently in two different hospitals in the past ten days. It’s a result of a misdiagnosis. Had I not had a practice (27 years)) I don’t know if if I’d have survived. It occurred to me that I wanted the event to mean something other than the suffering. I have in some ways shared the dharma with friends. I have considered the teacher training since it came out earlier. Something has changed in me through the suffering. One result of this is, yes, I want to share the training more broadly by sharing the many ways I might share with others in a way that will ease their suffering. Thank you both for helping those of us who have found a practice and would like others know the transformative way a life can be enhanced by having a practice of their own

  • I truly enjoyed the experience Tara shared in this video about how being mindful help her overcome her fear of being imperfect.

  • I want to embark on that journey of sharing our moments and experiences that affirms are inner selves. I have been providing a broad population of individuals and groups who have wanted more than the traditional psycho therapeutic /social experiences . I am a counselor needing to grow.

  • Heartfelt thanks to you, Tara! 🙏🥰
    I would love to join you and Jack on what looks to be an amazing program and journey. Sadly, the timing will not work out for me, especially with all going on presently.
    Hopefully, the universe will give me another opportunity in the near future! Namaste 🙏

  • Thank you so much for your message of being without anxiety about our imperfections….. I now keep reminding myself of that,, it has become my mantra

  • Thank you. I am wondering…how does self-compassion, trust and acceptance of your imperfection relate to intrusion?

  • I wish I could take the teacher certification. But my financial situation is so unstable and I’m going back to take a Master in Behavior Analysis. I would so much love to take this program and help people recover from this very stressful times we are all living. Meditation helped me so much though my divorce and still helping to rebuild a life. Thank you for the free lessons. So much wisdom and kindness.

  • Happy Day Tara and Jack. To be a meditation teacher would be the greatest honour. To be a student of yours, Tara and Jack, is not something I could have forseen. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻..

  • I always feel I can settle down with you, Tara. That your becoming more and more open to portals through via your navigating what you have handled health wise, allows my system to calm down more rapidly around my health stuff.. This coming home of the heart every day is so nurturing and snowballing and quiet. I would like to talk with you about the time commitment Of the Teacher Training on a weekly basis, due to painting too. . So much love to you. Thank you again!

  • I only have the first video.. am I meant to receive the others over a period of time ? Thank you for you for your help.

  • Yes – I so resonate with the feelings Tara expressed. How great it could be to be able share these life changing practices in a world where people are starving for this type of nourishment. How timely too. Please let me know if there are any scholarships available. I live in the UK & am 65 this year. Well wishes to all

  • Hi Tara, I am grateful to have found you again. I went thru part of Mindfulness Training with Palouse and I saw/heard you lecture. Thank you for lesson one. I am in a place that I want to study more about meditation.

  • Beautiful, compassion for ourselves, so we can learn to be present with compassion for others. Realizing all our conditioning can be transformed with compassion and awareness, and how wonderful it is we don’t have to condemn ourselves or others for our imperfections. Imperfections are a given, the good news is it is possible to learn and grow as a loving human being. As Thich Naht Hahn said, “All energies can be transformed.”

  • For more than 25 yrs I have steeped myself in a particular buddhist meditation tradition that is not Insight. I have even done some teaching in my tradition. However, I have not felt really confident or “competent” in teaching others, despite being told that I’m good at it when I do. I think that it is because I have never had well organized and encouraging guidance on HOW. Having all this knowledge and background, I’d like to be able to share it and feel confident with what I am doing. Jack and Tara’s program looks like it might be a way to accomplish that.

  • I love the RAIN metaphor & sound—so relaxing, then love the unique progression of guided thoughts. Thank you SO MUCH for your generosity in sharing! Namaste! 🙏🏻

  • I listened to this video three times to allow it to go deeper & deeper inside, then felt this clarity to share it with a friend whose mother was shot & killed bizarrely while driving her car on an interstate. Today is the anniversary of her mother’s murder.

  • Video #1

    “A Teacher’s Guide
    to Self-Kindness”

    Video #2

    “Cultivating a Sanctuary
    for the Sacred”

    Video #3

    “Remembering the Gold: Uncovering Your Inner Buddha”

    Video #4

    “Carrying the Lamp
    of Awakening”

    Video #5

    “Serving as a
    Conscious Leader”

    Sounds True