Video #1

“A Teacher’s Guide
to Self-Kindness”

Video #2

“Cultivating a Sanctuary
for the Sacred”

Video #3

“Remembering the Gold: Uncovering Your Inner Buddha”

Video #4

“Carrying the Lamp
of Awakening”

Video #5

“Serving as a
Conscious Leader”

Video 2: “Cultivating a Sanctuary for the Sacred”

There’s a growing need for qualified mindfulness instructors …
Are you being called to teach?

Continue Your Journey
with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach
in The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program

Premier Admission Applications Due June 1, 2020

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  • Over the past six months or so, I have turned to meditation for my crippling depression and anxiety that threatened to finally break me upon having my beautiful baby boy three years ago. After about 20 years of wanting to allow myself to try it on the advice of many people I respected, but not being able to find enough compassion for myself or a sense of worth or deservingness of inner peace, I reached a point where I couldn’t bear to be awake anymore. Sleep was my only respite and it rarely came. – I raged against myself for thirty years. And now, I’m learning to allow myself to seek peace, and it’s been through the unwitting guidance of Tara (through her guided meditations and talks) that I have begun that journey. I am so grateful to both of you, Tara and Jack, for opening my heart to possibility of life that I never dreamed I deserved. When I can collect enough funding, I will begin a teacher certification program because I know how much it matters to others to find this sanctuary. I am broke right now but taking advantage of all the free resources I can. When I can, I will enroll in your certification program, whichever one is offered by that time. I thank you for giving me a life.

    • I’m not certified, but I lead 3 mindfulness groups. These groups only have a few members; and I’m sure certification would help me and the others in my group. But I’m writing to say that if you want to teach, or just share the dharma, certification is not necessary. There is the pesky need to have an income that you can live on. But things have a way of working out. Keep saving and meditating. It’s wonderful that you have found renewal and hope. Your story touches my heart.

      • I have a small (5-6) group of meditators that meet at the Senior Center once a week. We start by listening to Tara and then do a silent meditation for the remainder of our time. This group has become precious to all of us. While I would have loved to take the course, finances prohibit me from doing so. I pray for us all during this time of fear and uncertainty.

        • Thanks for your prayers Zoe. Have you considered attending or leading a group on Zoom and asking for a small donation? This could be a way to begin saving. Does Sounds True offer scholarships for those needing a hand with getting started?
          François Roy

    • Dear Anna, Having to pay a set sum for admission to any teaching is excellent sign that you might seek (lovingly) a new lecture hall to enter. There are so many authentic teachers and teachings and I have found this is personal journey of gradual growing authenticity of ones own heart- a path of many beloved teachers along the way (each of whom remains with for consult as I “progress”)
      With love on the journey, Andrew

    • Hi Anna, there are scholarships offered through the MMTCP program developed by Brach and Kornfield which reduce the tuition cost. Your story touched my heart, I hope your dream comes true of becoming a meditation teacher (with or without certification).

    • Dear Anna, thank you for this heartfelt share. It resonated so strongly with me. I started listening to Tara’s talks and meditations in May this year and they have truly transformed my way of being. I had been struggling with depression and anxiety for more than a decade and it was becoming crippling in recent years. I was really starting to lose hope. I had meditated many times before and had a home practice that would start and stop but there’s something special about Tara and Jack’s way of teaching has been truly transformative.

      You are very brave and strong! Sending you metta on your journey, may you be held in loving-presence.

  • I have been a regular meditator for around 10 years. This practice has really helped me in dire times such as changing to a new place to live with a different language and two adolescents, also when navigating going back to work in a workforce that praises younger people in the Bay Area.
    However, never have I experienced the positives effects of my practice as when I started my job as a Caseworker with survivors of human trafficking three years ago. This is when I truly experienced how crucial my meditation practice was, while keeping me centered with presence and a compassionate mind to every encounter I had with clients who were suffering.
    In addition, every instance i had a chance to be part of a mindfulness workshop, (like HAKOMI) I immediately tried to translate (literally) all that I learned in order to share the healing with clients and colleagues in several grassroots organizations.
    So far the efforts have been well received as we continue to work together on cultural adaptations on several of the teachings.
    I would love to take this certification program.
    I have recently lost my job but I am working on ways to be able to be part of the next cohort.

  • I have been teaching and sharing Mindfulness here in Mexico where people is very grateful for this new knowledge, we are changing the way of being aware of what it is around us, It is really helpful for me this course, thank you!

  • I was trying to access video 1 but the link took me automatically to video 2. I want to watch the in sequence. Please send me a link to the first video.

  • I always thank you. This morning I thank you twice ! My dad passed away yesterday and we had such a crazy relationship that at times I was being told I was the Black Sheep which insinuated not good enough. Your voice and words always helps me remember how good enough I am !

  • It is both powerful and life saving to find mindful self compassion.. To accept our strengths, our imperfections,, our needs, our humanness and practice kindness to ourselves… Wonderful!

    • Yes. I am enrolled and they are even working on developing online week-long retreats which are a prerequisite since none of us can travel or be in groups right now.

    • Me too Aida. I live in the UK and besides the cost, I don’t think travel is a good idea at this time

  • I am also recuperating from a 2-year chronic depression, where listening to your philosophy and Tara’s daily mindfulness meditations woke me up from my chaos. I want to thank you both and share others from my far land where I am.

  • I have sung and directed a wonderful choir song by Elizabeth Alexander titled Trust the Seeds. It is a blessing in my life to have learned that planting seeds is enough. Let go and trust that people and their guides
    will nourish them or not in their own ways on their life’s journey.

  • maybe I need to comment to move on to part 3:
    I appreciate again, how much you each share in a short few minutes.

  • I want so much for there to be meaning in the profound loss we are experiencing in our communities, states, countries and world.. This virus is affecting us all. You shared that quote, Jack from Omar Bradley and it is my hope and prayer we find a path to living our truth, compassion, integrity, and cultivating space for what is sacred. Let us come out of this with the ability to hold space for a stranger.

  • I have practiced loving-detachment for 45 years. My attitude about meditation where I learned about loving-detachment is that I am meditating all the time. I believe that mindfulness in my daily life is meditating. I believe that the projection of my human illusory nature is my soul’s meditation. I think people have a misconception about meditation as something you do. I have found it’s something you are. Thank you so much for continuing to speak and teach about this vital subject of meditation. Next stop…Cosmic awareness through meditation.

  • How beautifully the letter you read demonstrated the power of meditation to ease our suffering and open our hearts to the suffering of others.
    Thank you for this gift and all the teaching you do which has maybe never been more needed than at this time.

    • Don’t have the magic touch of acceptance. Trying to get to next one on two devices didn’t work while a mile away people die from COVID and I sit in my fine home

  • I love their books. I think the course will be the best. They both can explain meditation in a common and natural language.
    You can really sense what they are talking about because they themselves practice it.
    Thank you!

  • Just hearing each of you speak brought a smile of contentment to my face. I think the magic is starting to happen! But – to my dismay – I couldn’t get past the second session. But that was very satisfying and thank you very much

  • Thank you Tara and Jack.
    I am from Indianapolis, but may have to stay put in Thailand until Covid 19 situation improves. Please take care and be safe.

  • Indeed, thank you for reminding us that there is a sacred sanctuary inside us and it needs to be nourished with self-love. I have come to the conclusion through mindful meditation that our self-judgements and ego mind only disturb our inner peace.

    Thank you for reinforcing in us the need to nurture inner peace through mindful meditation, and it definitely has its ripple effect in world.

  • I meditate I yoga. I pray. I take a vow of the bodhisattva daily. I struggle with the suffering of the world. I want to retreat from what seems overwhelming now with the global pandemic. But your video messages help me…remind me to trust my Self and others. Remind me that presence is my refuge, the freedom from anxiety and sadness of not being enough are the reality of my struggle.

  • Dear Jack & Tara, much gratitude and love felt from the generosity and wisdom you share with so many in your teachings. It feels more important than ever to share with all that are open to receive. It’s also a gift we can share so far & wide at a time when the world has this heightened sense of vulnerability all at once. Deepest thanks from our Aussie family 🙏🌺

  • Twelve yrs ago I suffered a life threatening illness that took several years to recover from. Through my healing journey mindfulness and my meditation practice is what truly saved me. It helped me to understand the reason why my body was broken was because my mind and spirit was broken. I don’t feel I would have ever come to the realization if I didn’t take the time to go inward. Thank you!

  • I loved the comments from the young man who wrote you a letter: “I decided to sit with myself for awhile”. I can picture myself getting to know myself better by just sitting with myself for awhile. Thank you for your gentle teaching.

  • Like a gift that never stops giving it is truly humbling to realize that each of us holds a generous potential for cultivating and spreading seeds of love both within and outside ourselves into this vast and forgiving world. Listening to both Tara and Jack’s teachings over many years has nudged a ‘kind trusting’ to grow in my somewhat clumsy process of developing conscious loving awareness. I feel so much gratitude to be living in a time of such teachers whose messages have helped me transition through times of great uncertainty. Our global wakefulness (that includes both our vulnerability and our creative potential) as human beings may well rest on our willingness to be still and listen deeply to these wise seeds.

  • I was unable to open the videos 3-5, I also see that I could not sign up for the prerequisits for the training as there is now a waiting list. Will you offer this again before the end of this 2 year program?

  • That is wonderful, Jack.. The more I go along here during shelter in place
    the more I really feel like “it doesn’t take much” … except being present in the moment with a listening heart. Hearing the listlessness, loneliness and apprehension in the voice and attitude of an 82 yr. old dear friend with high blood pressure, (who is allergic to meditation she says) and somehow the hearing her squarely shifting not only her, also me in the realization you named. Thank you.

  • I’ve been touched by both of you in the first two short videos. I wish to look at the three remaining videos, but (for whatever reason) I’m not able to access Videos 3 – 5.

  • With all the recent uncertainty, daily meditation has provided a consistent sacred space to which I can return and upon which I can rely. I have grown to greatly appreciate the peace that comes with presence. Thanks, Tara and Jack for your teachings.

  • Thanks, Jack! I have been listening to your meditations over the years and grateful for those and your writings, You are a gifted man. Thank you! Keep writing and sharing!

  • loved all your comments. i have had the privilege of sitting with jack in the desert early 90s. twice !!! so much gratitude for my practise. i live on a small island pop 1100 in bc canada. it is a sanctuary. no virus yet. about 6 of us meet in a big space to sit each week. so great to have a sangha again no matter how small.
    much metta to the large sangha and our amazing teachers.

  • I love that story, and can really relate. Jack and Tara’s invitation to not judge yourself, and to believe it is ok to wish well for yourself and care for yourself, is incredibly helpful. I have been witnessing just how wonderful it is in myself for the last couple weeks, and like that young man in the story am very grateful.

  • This is encouraging! I am contemplating the training, but have had many pre-occupations and distractions from apping in the last 10 days of heartbreak and hailstorms of cosmic revolution…I think that we may be going in the right direction finally (I pray) and developing a steady mind and heart through mindfulness has never been more important! Thank you Jack and Tara for offering this training.

  • I’m hearing the earth’s message coming from ALL directions and so many sources: Kindness! Practice kindness toward self and others! I’m getting the message loud and clear!

  • I cannot open videos 3,4 and 5…I see that it has been a problem also for others but I haven’t found the reply for the solution…. could you please help?

  • Video #1

    “A Teacher’s Guide
    to Self-Kindness”

    Video #2

    “Cultivating a Sanctuary
    for the Sacred”

    Video #3

    “Remembering the Gold: Uncovering Your Inner Buddha”

    Video #4

    “Carrying the Lamp
    of Awakening”

    Video #5

    “Serving as a
    Conscious Leader”

    Sounds True