Video #1

“A Teacher’s Guide
to Self-Kindness”

Video #2

“Cultivating a Sanctuary
for the Sacred”

Video #3

“Remembering the Gold: Uncovering Your Inner Buddha”

Video #4

“Carrying the Lamp
of Awakening”

Video #5

“Serving as a
Conscious Leader”

Video 5: “Serving as a Conscious Leader”

There’s a growing need for qualified mindfulness instructors …
Are you being called to teach?

Continue Your Journey
with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach
in The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program

Premier Admission Applications Due June 1, 2020

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  • Thank you🙏 That touched me in my solar plexus. As much as I think I’m helping, even thinking I’m a spiritual therapist….I’m quick to get triggered, this struck such a chord. Pause…stop, listen, breath, stop judgement! Epic shifting in this morning teaching!
    My heart and soul got it! I’ll be shown today, the lessons, the student and the teacher in the very same moment! Blessings to you❤️

  • All the videos has been blessings in those days. Thanks you and I hope I can improve my english and be able to make this Wonderfull program

  • I have begun to call self compassion inner compassion. The self is a pretty huge
    complex and I love this practise , I am ramping it up as I am caring for my 93 year old
    mother in the UK in the time of corona and she is a full time commitment , and anan act of bravery in this time of Corona… I wish I could do this but I am so exhausted I can barely move., Her nurses are n longer coming as we are in total lockdown so I have been here 3 months and maybe three more. Her carers left on my insistence a t
    6 weeks ago. I ask only for inner compassion as a way to deal with her dementia and
    ill temper… I am trying to keep us both corona free. others shop for us…So we go no where , She had a stroke last year and was 3 months in the hospital…

    • My prayers of support and love for you Michele, I can’t imagine how challenging your life is 💜🙏💜.
      Terry H.

    • Michelle, be well. If you would like to reach out to me, I’m available by email or zoom. I’m on the west coast of US, but can get up early if that is something that would be supportive. Either way, feel connected.

    • I’m very sorry, Michelle. You seem like such a. strong person with a good, loving heart. You can be so proud of yourself.
      I hope things get better. I will include you in my metta-meditation. Much love

    • You are now being called to be as loving and patient with your self as well as your mom. I just helped both of my parents pass in the past few months. I was grateful to have had the time with them despite the hardships. Sending healing energy and love your way. ❤️

  • Your words, story and thoughts brought tears of awareness to my eyes, to my heart this morning as I heard your message. Thank you!

  • Such beautiful healing work to spread to the world! Even if I inspire only 20 people in my small town to begin their journey, I’m all in. I’ll be there on this training path with all of you. Much love

  • That was supremely powerful. The CEO story had me in tears from the start. Consciousness explained in under 5 minutes. WOW. Gracias

  • Seems to me that right now with COVID-19, many people seem less “armoured against human suffering”. I hope this awareness stays with us post COVID as we cannot cool the planet without one another.

  • Dear Tara and Jack

    You speak so simply, so profoundly about our need to become more conscious in loving awareness. You are shining examples for me and so many others that we too can become powerful peace change agents. And yes, I agree, that the world can be changed, one person at a time. And as you say, as we nurture and practice this teaching, we can begin to change the world, one star fish at a time.

    Love and Blessings to All

  • Thank you Tara and Jack for your generous Teachings . Tara your story today and both your stories during these 5 videos is softening my heart and evoking a tenderness that is sometimes hidden beneath layers of protecting my heart. Thank you for this gift.
    The 2 things that strongly resonated for me today is your comment that we can only do this in relationship with each other, in community. Also the reminder of Jack`s message that mindfulness changes our consciousness. I look forward to the 2 year training with you

  • I deeply thank you both for the years of teachings at retreats, workshops, tapes to CDs to now online, YouTube & podcasts. My practice has sustained me as I worked as a hospice or healthcare chaplain. Mindfulness meditation brings us all home to our inner compassion, our deepest peace. I gathered with the dying, their families and other staff in love & healing, all letting go in different ways. Much transformation happened at these bedsides . All so open to being human, vulnerable, forgiving and giving in timeless peace. I live with such gratitude. My teaching of mindfulness was always on time:; just what I needed. I hope to gather with you again in person yet today it was enough to see your faces, hear your voices sharing the dharma with life giving wisdom. Metta’

  • Thank you! We first have to learn to be kind to ourselves, to be able to bring real kindness to others..

  • Heart. Support. Mirroring. We can’t do it without each other. Oh how I love this. I am so grateful to have access to this education and this community. I can already feel it in my body– I can already feel that I am forever changed.

  • Thank you for your gifts of wisdom and compassion. Taking the sacred pause – shall do my best to take this wherever I go.. Namaste

  • I went through dificult times in the last 20 years and your mefitations and discourses are escorting me and give me power.thank you

  • Thank you, Tara,&,Jack I’ve been listening, &, following you both for a while now. My Partner doesn’t participate,&, is having difficulties in these times were in! My Mindfulness Practice, &, a growing awareness of my inner being, has allowed me to listen, &, see her Fears, &, Anxiety, to be Present for her, non judgmental, reaching to her with loving kindness,compassion, &, openness,so that she has been able to express, feelings buried deep within ! wouldn’t happen without me being Present !

  • Admissions helps.- some are too busy. Heart, body, mind– connecting these emotions are detected when we are completely immersed in our Professional activities.
    Thank you for sharing. Lots DONT speak of their internal hurts and what causes the disconnect. Being less judgemental and bringing persons to that consciousness. Not being selfish in telling someone this bothers me. It does not feel right.

  • I don’t like to believe in “hierarchy” but I wonder about the difference in profundity of e.g. mindfulness and a practice such as vipassana? which is the most thorough I’ve come across. I’m not particularly married to it at least yet, but am wondering… Perhaps it depends what one is Seeking, increased awareness, enlightenment.. it surely isn’t binary, or 1 single path.. I get that mindfulness may be more accessible? But what are your thoughts ? Would love to hear.

  • I didn’t really want to be a teacher
    but this has shown me its importannce
    thank you so much

  • Thank you for sharing real life stories of how being a meditation teacher can facilitate others in making better text conscious choices.

    • Hi! To get all 5 lessons – scroll through to the end of all these great comments- All 5 sessions are easily accessible there.

  • As I develop my practice in meditation through practicing and teaching Qigong , and being a facilitator of NVC, my experience of awareness, pausing, compassionate living and teaching continues to deepen.. I live in a very small town of 1,500 people and know what I bring contributes to others by their sharing.. May this free gift continue to flow through into my community. Mahalo

  • Thank you for those beautiful words . I feel the call to learn share and restore peace bliss love and make this a way of life .

  • Thank you. I love what you shared, and the greater mindfulness possibilities for us all. And that we cannot do this alone.

  • Thank you! I am teaching MBCT at the moment and this program comes in a great moment. Thank you for your work and for guiding us for a better teaching!

  • Thank-you Tara and Jack d’Or sharing this unforgettable instance, so full of energy and wisdom for a life time. Bless you

  • Loved this, Tara. The Pandemic has so keenly reminded us we’re all in the same boat together, and the Power, too, of the Sangha thinking about caregivers and essential workers of all kinds everywhere along with those suffering, that Thay spoke to about 5 years ago , and Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche 3 weeks ago, thinking as a collective loving compassionate heart, and effective pulse for remarkable, miraculous change. Thank you!

  • Thank you Tara for that insight. You’re absolutely right in everything you’ve said. If it is something I could do, I would love to attend the class.

  • I want to be what ia am learning to be, in the way of a better conscious leader.
    Thank´s for this.

  • These practices can truly reduce the unnecessary amount of suffering in the world. And what could be better? Thank you Jack and Tara for making this training available! I hope that I can get my application in in time. Peace & Love ~Susan

  • I very much enjoyed your wisdom and experienced knowledge in your video.
    Thankful for your video Tara and Jack. I hope I can join you all on such a fabulous journey. I have had this passion since I learned to meditate, I have notice the change in myself as I continue the practice of mindfulness & meditation.

  • What a great talk. I so relate. The more i practice self compassion the more compassion i have for all those around me. What i realized recently was that Tara Brach’s talks and GMs on self compassion have helped me change my consciousness which has changed the architecture of my thinking patterns, freeing me from triggered reactions, learned behaviours and habits. Self compassion was a necessary beginning that lead to my beginning to engage fully, begin to open up and speak a human language.

  • Video #1

    “A Teacher’s Guide
    to Self-Kindness”

    Video #2

    “Cultivating a Sanctuary
    for the Sacred”

    Video #3

    “Remembering the Gold: Uncovering Your Inner Buddha”

    Video #4

    “Carrying the Lamp
    of Awakening”

    Video #5

    “Serving as a
    Conscious Leader”

    Sounds True