How Do I Apply?


Apply now to set up your application account and fill out the application form. You can save your form and come back to it if you need more time. Make sure you have reviewed the information about the admissions requirements and prerequisites. If you have not yet completed these prerequisites, please submit your application anyway. If accepted, you will have until December 31, 2024, to complete them. In your application, you will be able to select your preference from various tuition payment plan options.


After you complete the application form, you will pay a $50 deposit to submit your application. Your deposit is nonrefundable.


If your application is accepted, you will be automatically enrolled in the program and your credit card will be charged the amount of the first payment of the payment plan you selected minus the application fee. If you are accepted and enrolled in the program and you later wish to cancel for any reason, you must notify in writing by October 31, 2024, for a full refund of tuition paid to date.

After October 31, 2024, refunds cannot be provided except in rare and extraordinary circumstances or life-threatening emergencies. If you are awarded a scholarship but choose not to accept the scholarship award, you will not be enrolled in the program.

What Is the Tuition?

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One-Time Payment



12 Monthly Payments



24 Monthly Payments



Tuition rates are inclusive of a $50 deposit due when you submit your application.


Continuing Education (CE) credits are available for this training. The credits are issued by Spiritual Competency Academy and will be available for purchase each program year at the conclusion of that year.

Are Scholarships Available?

In an effort to make the program as accessible as possible, we offer partial scholarships to committed students. There is usually a greater need for scholarships than we can meet, so we ask that you consider the needs of others when making your request. Please complete your application in full as soon as possible to allow us time to review your request. Scholarship funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

To apply for a scholarship, please check the box on your application where indicated to request a scholarship application. Please pay your nonrefundable deposit and complete both the program application and the scholarship application. Only applicants who have completed the application in full and have been accepted to the program will be considered for a scholarship. The scholarship deadline is October 31, 2024.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Final Date to Submit an Application: October 31, 2024
Program Begins: February 2025
Prerequisites Completion Due: December 31, 2024

Am I Qualified To Participate?

Admissions Requirements

You are eligible to apply if you have:



There are two prerequisites needed to begin the program. If you have not completed these prerequisites, please submit your application anyway. If accepted, you will have until December 31, 2024, to complete these requirements.

The Power of Awareness​ training:

One approved vipassana or Insight meditation retreat (select one of two options):



The Power of Awareness

The Power of Awareness online course by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. The Power of Awareness is a self-paced online course created by Jack and Tara and offered several times per year (registration is only offered once every seven or eight weeks). We highly recommend registering for the next session of the course, which will help you move toward meeting the prerequisites. Register here.

This updated learning experience provides you with all of the tools and training you need—21 hours of teachings in total—to develop and, even more importantly, sustain a daily awareness practice using mindfulness meditation. It is the foundational course for becoming a mindfulness teacher.

Silent Retreat

Choose one of the following two options:

Jack and Tara want to ensure that all MMTCP students begin the program with the shared experience of participating in a silent retreat that is grounded in the vipassana (Insight meditation) practices that you will be teaching. This silent form of retreat builds a depth of concentration and mindfulness that can be particularly powerful and transformative.

In-Person Retreat Option

In-person retreats must meet the following criteria to be approved:

Online Retreat Option

If you are unable to participate in an in-person retreat or you prefer to complete your retreat online, you must choose a retreat from the list of MMTCP-approved online retreats.

Organizations and meditation centers that often offer approved in-person retreats around the world can be found via an Internet search, or you can review the list of MMTCP-approved online retreats. An example of some retreat centers that often host these types of retreats are Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Insight Meditation Community of Washington, Insight Meditation Society, Insight Retreat Center, or Cloud Mountain Retreat Center, to name a few. 

Retreats are subject to approval, and you are responsible for making sure your chosen retreat meets the prerequisite requirements. If there are any questions as to whether the retreat you are considering meets the requirements, please send a description of the retreat, dates, number of days, teachers, and a website link to We are happy to review the details to ensure they meet the criteria.

Tuition $8,700 $7,700 for this 2-year training program. Payment plans are available.
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