Lauren Rosenthal, LMFT, MMTCP

Santa Cruz, CA

Contact Email: Lauren.rosenthal.lmft@gmail.comWebsite: https://www.groundedgrowththerapy.comI have been a psychotherapist and a meditator for over a decade. I have witnessed and observed that life unfortunately involves pain and stress, and it is how we respond to this pain that determines how we feel about ourselves and the world. Life is also full of beauty and light, although we so often miss this beauty when consumed with the difficulties life presents. This consumption perpetuates a pattern of trying to avoid pain, leaving us feeling deficient and dissatisfied. I believe that by holding both beauty and pain, by recognizing the dichotomy that life includes both, joy and equanimity are possible. Much of my therapy work is focused on trauma  and I quickly realized that the only way to hold such immense suffering was through the practice of meditation. Through my own practice, I discovered the infinite capacity to be with and hold pain while allowing love and beauty to fill the empty spaces. It is my heart’s intention to share this practice of witnessing beauty and peace inherit in every moment of life, including the uncomfortable and even painful ones. I believe that the heart and the mind can balance each other instead of be at odds. Through Incorporating mindfulness and compassion into daily life,  we can begin to heal our dissatisfaction of the way life is and begin to appreciate what is already present.