Angele Close

Chicagoland, Illinois

Contact Email: drangeleclose@gmail.comWebsite: on Instagram →Dr. Angele Close is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Emotion-focused therapist. Teachings in Mindfulness and Compassion have been integral to her clinical work since her early days as a graduate student when she came to practice Mindfulness Meditation and steered her academic research to look at how Mindfulness and Self-Compassion help people cope and build resilience in the face of trauma. She has been integrating her knowledge and practice of Mindfulness into her clinical work with individuals, couples and groups for over a decade. As a Certified Mindfulness Teacher she has expanded her reach to offer courses and workshops with various groups, including corporate and organizational staff, entrepreneurs, university students, and community organizations, in addition to psychotherapy clients. Angele is passionate about helping people unlearn harmful conditioning that create pain and suffering while learning practices that can help people transform their relationship to their experiences of thoughts, emotions, and sensations. It is Angele’s mission to guide others to the realization of their true nature by helping them cultivate a relationship to one’s Self that is kind, compassionate and wise, recognizing that doing so for one person has the potential to transform relationships, families, communities and – joined together with others on this path – ultimately, the world.