Janice Gates

[she, her, hers] I discovered Buddhism, meditation, and yoga while living in Asia in my mid-20s, setting me on a path that has informed my life and work ever since. I’ve been teaching the integration of meditation, mindfulness, and embodied practice for 27 years now, including at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Haas School of Business, San Quentin Prison, and retreats around the globe. My work as a teacher, mentor, coach, and facilitator is influenced by my studies in somatic psychology, leadership and communication, some very wise teachers, over 30 years of practice, and a good dose of humbling/heartbreaking/heart-opening experiences along the way. I often think of myself as a “translator” and enjoy the process (and challenge) of sharing these teachings and practices in an interactive, embodied, and engaging way. I am most interested in supporting the integration of practice into daily life, work, and relationships.