Leslie Booker

Booker brings her heart and wisdom to the intersection of dharma, embodied wisdom, and social justice. She shares her expertise nationally as a guest lecturer at conferences, universities, and dharma centers, on expanding our vision around culturally responsive teaching, and changing the paradigm of self and community care. She experiences mentoring as a heart practice, with fists! Booker is most interested in how folks are living their practice off the cushion, and expects mentees to show up prepared, on time, and to be engaged in conversation. Booker began her teaching practice in New York City in 2005; spending over a decade sharing practice with incarcerated youth and other vulnerable populations. Booker has contributed to several books and academic papers, is a graduate of the 2020 Spirit Rock Retreat Teacher Training, is a 2020 Sojourner Truth Leadership Fellow through Auburn Seminary, and was voted by her peers one of the 12 Powerful Women in the Mindfulness Movement.