Margot Sangster

Margot Sangster encountered Buddhist teachings on her first pilgrimage to Asia at age twenty-eight.  Many years passed before Margot’s suffering (e.g. turning40, getting divorced, and bearing witness to her powerlessness while working with at-risk youth in the Philippines) was a wake-up call. Margot volunteered at Wat Kow Tahm Meditation Center in Thailand (1995–1997) and Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California (1998–2000), graduated from the Community Dharma Leaders’ program (2003), and completed a master’s degree in counselling psychology (2008).  She has taught meditation to beginners, young adults, professionals, incarcerated women/youth, adults with addictions, etc.  Her mentoring style is engaged, directive, conversational, and intuitive.  Margot worked in addictions/mental health and immigrant/refugee settlement.  She also worked in Afghanistan.  Margot recognizes her unearned privilege coming from a diverse class background with English, Irish, and Scottish grandparents.  She loves swimming, working out, hiking, and current affairs.  Margot resides in Vancouver, Canada.