Amy Love

Amy Love has been a dedicated mindfulness practitioner for over a decade, having come to the practice while seeking refuge from the ongoing painful impact of childhood trauma. She is a certified mindfulness teacher, trainer, and coach with extensive experience working with economically marginalized communities and communities of color. Amy has worked in the field of mindfulness in a variety of settings including meditation centers, public schools, community outreach programs, and prisons. Amy currently teaches at InsightLA, where she is on the Teacher’s Council and Board of Directors, and with Meditation Coalition. Amy is also on faculty with Long Beach Unified School District where she is a Social Emotional Learning Specialist and Curriculum Writer. Amy’s style of mentoring is rooted in honoring and amplifying the innate wisdom and resilience of our most authentic selves in a way that is both casual and relational. Amy identifies as a working class, able-bodied, straight, black, cisgender woman/mother/wife occupying Tongva and Chumash land in Long Beach, California.