Imee Contreras

Imee Contreras is the founder of Mindfulness Asia and cofounder of the Philippine Insight Meditation Community. She develops and facilitates innovative mindfulness programs for international companies, schools, and events. She volunteers to teach incarcerated women serving life imprisonment and supports sexually abused women and children. She works in Buddhist, secular, and cross-cultural settings that intertwine harmoniously within the mindfulness field. She mentors with a unique blend of traditional yet progressive, Eastern yet Western, and a gentle yet firm approach. She engages in meaningful conversations that cultivate deep connection. She spent a large part of her younger years growing up in the United States and is now based in her motherland, the Philippines. She is mixed-race, adopted, and raised by hard-working, lower-middle-class, immigrant Filipinos. She is a mother, an organic gardener, a health and wellness advocate, and a yoga therapist.