Steve Zappalla

Living in the greater Washington, DC area, I work as a psychotherapist teaching mindfulness and meditation in both Buddhist and secular contexts. My service in the military led me to finding healing for my own trauma and addictions directly through these and other spiritual practices. As a 61-year-old white male, I love relating and learning more about my conditioning within Sangha communities. I enjoy a more relaxed and conversational approach to the way I facilitate and teach. Practicing meditation for over 20 years, I am drawn to helping others in this community. Having taught in a variety of different settings and formats for over 12 years, I hold weekly drop-in classes, daylongs, silent retreats, and workshops in vipassana style format and mindfulness workshops and training. My passion is to  give back in the way that I learned, so that others may heal from our human condition and learn to love themselves.