Suzie Brown

Suzie is based in Australia and is the founder of the Melbourne Insight Meditation group. She has been teaching Insight meditation in Australia for the past six years. Suzie is also trained as a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and has been teaching MBSR courses and workshops for the past eight years. Apart from general community courses, she has specialised in teaching mindful parenting (as a parent herself), mindfulness for anxiety, and mindfulness for chronic pain, all themes that interest her and relate to her personal experience. She also has many years’ experience teaching yoga and running yoga retreats for her Sri Lankan/Australian yoga teacher, Channa Dassanayaka. 

Suzie teaches parents and anxiety and chronic-pain sufferers, as well as teaching the themes of the Buddha’s four divine abodes: lovingkindness, sympathetic joy, compassion, and equanimity. Suzie has worked as a climate and environmental activist for two decades and teaches ecodharma and mindful approaches to dealing with climate anxiety and grief.