Tere Abdala-Romano

Tere Abdala Romano, of Lebanese descent, migrated from Mexico to Santa Monica 20 years ago, where, with her late husband, raised three adult daughters. She holds an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in geography and is a visual artist. As an entrepreneur, Tere successfully led a multi-million-dollar company in Mexico and Latin America, where she introduced mindfulness training to her executives and employees. Tere studied Buddhism in the Tibetan tradition and vipassana at InsightLA. For the past 18 years, Tere has been practicing, learning, and teaching Buddhism and mindfulness practices like MBSR and mindful self-compassion at InsightLA, including being a teacher at Spirit Rock. Her passion is working with migrants and Latinx populations. Her mentoring style is intuitive, trusting in each one’s own inner nature. She is experienced and passionate about bringing mindfulness to corporations, schools, and communities. Although Tere teaches in English, she loves teaching in Spanish because, as the language of her heart, she believes the dharma flows more naturally.