Tina Clay

Hello and namaste. My name is Tina Clay and my pronouns are she/her. I am a woman of color, a daughter of immigrant parents, and a mother to two young adults. Practicing and teaching yoga and mindfulness meditation has been my anchor and my love for the last 20 years. With advanced training in the blending of yoga and dharma through programs with Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and being a student in the first cohort of MMTCP, along with sitting retreats, I continue to learn and deepen my studies. Interestingly, I am now in graduate school to become a marriage and family therapist. As your mentor, I will encourage you to be curious of yourself and others, to maintain a beginners’ mind, and to undertake the journey without expectation. I too will bring those elements to the mentoring groups, and together we will develop a supportive container for growth and transformation.