Amana Brembry Johnson

Amana Brembry Johnson offers meditation instruction and compassionate movement practices that are rooted in the ethics of dharma and Social Justice Engagement. A creative intuitive at heart, she brings a unique artistry to meditative visualization and restructures language as a tool of inquiry and inclusion. Amana’s mentoring style is informed by the ethics of non-harming. Through gentle holding, she supports each individual to bring forth, acknowledge, and share with community their unique experiences of practice and internal wisdom. Body, breath, and emotional awareness are central to Amana’s form of mentoring and instruction. A grandmother to 13 young adults and great grandmother to 2 small beings, kindness, compassion and joy are the inspirations drawn upon to nurture practitioners who wish to deepen and integrate dharma into daily life. An accomplished visual artist, Amana creates imagery that exposes emotional and spiritual barriers of the heart as gateways into tenderness and self-love.