Amma Thanasanti

I create a strong container and then oscillate between being directive and conversational. I emphasize body awareness, authenticity, inquiry, trusting your intuition, warmth, and being trauma-informed. I’m Jewish/Eastern European, gender fluid, queer with invisible disabilities. I began teaching families in 1990, then intensives in retreat centers since1996; expanded to include universities, corporate settings, juvenile delinquents, prisons, retirement homes. My passions: Nature, gardening, sustainable living, singing, inquiry, writing, dancing, ceremony, social justice, dismantling white privilege, patriarchy, and climate chaos.

Dipa Ma showed me the power of love and presence. A bear taught me the power of refuge and surrender.  Being a nun for 26 years taught me how to suffer wisely and the joy/love/peace that’s innate. Living in the remote bush showed me how to let Nature be a mirror of mind. My life is about being fully human, embracing nature, and anchoring the transcendent. See for more information.