Cynthia Wilcox

As a mentor, I offer steady space and deep presence to allow what is unfolding in the group and to allow each person to find ease and expression. We practice deep listening to each other, keeping the pace slow enough that there is time for pausing and reflecting. This creates the foundation for honest and respectful exchanges. I feel that this is one of my greatest strengths as a mentor.

In therapy, in small groups, and on retreats, I teach mindful meditation, self-compassion, compassionate embodied presence and relational awareness, and somatic unwinding of trauma. I deeply value beauty in nature, art, music, and in humans. I appreciate sitting at the piano, gazing out to the mountains. I seek to live in the flow of life, metabolizing what arises in the present moment. I am 61 years old, a white, cisgender female.  You can learn more about my teaching on my website: