karen g. williams

karen g. williams has practiced vipassana meditation since 2008. Her mentoring style is relaxed and grounded in the everyday experience. karen’s mindfulness and meditative practices are rooted in cultivating a spirit of whole heartedness and recognizing the interconnectedness of all things. She cochairs New York Insight’s Diversity, Equity and Liberation committee and is a graduate from the joint Insight Meditation Society and Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leaders training program. karen primarily teaches in BIPOC and in LGBTQI+ communities. As an assistant professor of anthropology at Guttman Community College, her scholarship examines strategies implemented inside correctional facilities to help incarcerated people return home to their communities. She is also experimenting with teaching pedagogies that embed mindfulness and wellness into curriculum. When karen is not teaching, she knits, cooks, bakes, and inhabits her alter ego BackAlley Dred while coaching junior roller derby.