Gullu Singh

Gulwinder “Gullu” Singh is a corporate attorney and meditation teacher at InsightLA and Spirit Rock Meditation Center. He found his own meditation practice in 1993 as a salve to the intense stress of working in a big law firm with long hours and insane mindsets. He has taught meditation at USC, at UCLA Law School, in law firms, at legal conferences, and in corporate settings. Gullu is trained to teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and completed the Spirit Rock Meditation Center Teacher Training Program focused on teaching retreats. He is a core faculty member in the Warrior One Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training Program and InsightLA’s Mindfulness Facilitator Training Program.

Gullu’s inspiration is to share meditation as a way to navigate the challenges of being a human being; to inject more sanity, compassion, and wisdom into this world; and to try to integrate the insights from retreat practice into daily life.