Jill Satterfield

I came to meditation practice over 30 years ago after being told the chronic pain I experienced was all in my mind. I ventured to see what I might do to understand that. Since then, I’ve practiced on hundreds of silent retreats of various lengths, developed teacher training and service programs for at-risk populations in hospitals, addiction institutes, and schools. I’ve created Applied Embodied Mindfulness trainings for UCLA and am currently with a global initiative for social action, developing programs for global social leaders. And, not least of all, I’ve had many insights about my mind and body and am ceaselessly intrigued with conscious awareness.

My way of teaching combines somatic psychology and embodied awareness, mindfulness and meditation, with an infusion of kindness and compassion, streetwise practical, accessible, and creative approaches to meet people where they are. I look forward to supporting you in your own discoveries.