Jake Dartington

I have been practising meditation since 1995 and have spent many months on silent retreat. I completed a three-year dharma teacher training with Christina Feldman in the UK. I started to teach retreats in 2007 and have worked with Gaia House, London Insight, Bodhi College, Oxford Mindfulness Centre, and the European Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches. I worked as a college teacher for many years and have master’s degrees in philosophy, Buddhist studies, and mindfulness-based approaches.

 My mentoring style is collaborative. I see my role as facilitating the students’ own process of discovery. I enjoy giving feedback that encourages people and includes specific suggestions on how to do things differently. I have taught in retreat centres, colleges and universities, charities, and the corporate sector and love adapting my style of teaching to different settings while remaining true to the essential principles of mindfulness practice.