Jane Baraz

Jane Baraz (she, her, hers) has been meditating since 1976 and has sat over 40 silent retreats varying from one week to three months. She was a founding board member of Spirit Rock Meditation Center for its first eight years and cofounded its Family Program.  Jane taught English as a Second Language in elementary school, adult school, and community college. For the past six years she’s taught MBSR to people with serious illnesses at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center and mindful self-compassion at the Women’s Cancer Resource Center and Spirit Rock. She co-teaches week-long silent meditation retreats at Spirit Rock and in Europe, and encourages bringing a friendly, compassionate attitude to meditation practice and daily life.

Jane enjoys fostering a collaborative, supportive atmosphere and delights in participants discovering and deepening their unique contributions to a world in desperate need of mindfulness and compassion.