Klia Bassing

Hello again! You might recognize me as a Power of Awareness mentor. In MMTCP I support mentees to discern and hone their unique style of teaching. My own ever-evolving style is interactive—probably because I learn best through group shares and interactive exercises. What got me here? Food and body-image issues, 12-step programs, and Tara Brach’s inviting and mentoring me to teach.

I’ve been teaching/facilitating for over 16 years through my business, VisitYourself.net. This includes 10 years of workplace programming, mainly for large multinational organizations (World Bank, Organization of American States, Bank of Switzerland, etc.), and six years of online classes and private sessions. I now help experienced practitioners deepen in nondual awakening while honoring and healing the human self.  Inclusivity and trauma sensitivity are fundamental values in my offerings, though manifesting these values skillfully is a growing edge. Since 2007, I’ve been unlearning and dismantling systems of oppression. My own filters on the world include those of a white-bodied, cisgender, US-born, straight female.