Nolitha Tsengiwe

Nolitha has been a practicing Buddhist for more than 22 years under the guidance of Kitissaro and Thanissara, who are disciples of Ajahn Chah. Nolitha is a psychologist and an executive coach for individuals and teams. In both roles, her primary task is to create a holding space for people who are in search for truth as a doorway to freedom. She’s a mother to a 22-year-old son and a facilitator for Biodanza—dance and movement therapy. Nolitha is a graduate of the Community Dharma Leadership (CDL) program at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre. Currently, she is in a four-year Buddhist Teacher Training program under Joseph Goldstein of Insight Meditation Society (IMS). Nolitha is part of teaching teams for retreats at IMS , the Insight Retreat Center (IRC), and Spirit Rock. Her work on Power, Self-mastery, and Wise Action can be viewed with Insight Timer, a renowned international meditation app. She is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.