Luisa Montero

Luisa Montero (she, her) has been practicing meditation since 1987 and teaching since 1993. This is her second time as a mentor for MMTCP.  She completed the first Community Dharma Leadership program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and is affiliated with the Insight Meditation Community of Washington as one of the founding board members and teachers. She teaches weekly meditation classes, day-longs, and residential retreats. Prior to mindfulness meditation, she studied Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way. Her work life has included over 35 years of establishing programs, partnerships, and community leadership in a variety of communities locally and abroad, specifically in Central and South America, beginning as a Peace Corps volunteer. Throughout her career, Luisa has championed the social/emotional well-being of young people, particularly BIPOC youth. Luisa was born in Cuba, immigrated and grew up in a small town in North Carolina. Luisa brings a heartfelt commitment to cocreating a space for mentees to grow and deepen their practice and expand their teaching tool kit.