Mick Neustadt

Mick Neustadt (he/his) is a mindfulness teacher and psychotherapist. He has been practicing meditation since 1995. For the past decade he has taught mindfulness in schools, weekly groups, and retreats. He has been a mentor and teacher for iBme Teen Retreats since 2011. Since 2017 he has led weekly therapy groups offering mindfulness for grief and trauma. Mick has taught around the country to lawyers, therapists, nurses, nonprofits, and businesses. Over the years he has done long retreats in Southeast Asia and at Plum Village, France.

Mick’s teaching style is personable and lighthearted. His teachings focus on practicing mindfulness in all that we do as a way to transcend suffering, transform our relationship with ourselves, others, and the world in cultivating a greater connection to life. He is committed to growing his awareness around race, gender, and equity. Mick lives outside of Washington, DC, with his wife and stepson.